In today’s world a digital thermostat is superior to an analog thermostat not only for health and safety, but also for energy conservation along with a financial savings.

  1. An Analog thermostat contains some amount of Mercury, which is known as a health and safety issue.
  2. No moving parts in a digital thermostat, so need to calibrate it.
  3. A digital thermostat will also tend to have more accurate temperature readings than a traditional thermostat.
  4. A digital thermostat will help you, because you can program your heating and cooling needs ahead of time.
  5. Depending on the type, you can manage your digital thermostat from the internet or your smartphone.
  6. Increased in energy efficiency, your heating-ventilation-air conditioning system won’t be running all day long at the same temperature.
  7. Saving money on your utilities, as digital thermostat will make a difference in your electric bill, because your unit won’t come on as much.

There are many choices in digital thermostat’s these days. Some models of programmable thermostats can have easy programming features and displays and others don’t. If you’re not sure about which type of digital thermostat you should get to replace either your old analog or digital one with a new advance one… Contact Solrac Heating and Cooling, we’ll advise you on what solution would be best for your specific requirements.