With the summer heat here, we’re running our Air Conditioning system to keep cool. Did you know that a cooling system is one of the biggest users of energy in your with your heating system 2nd? If you have an old air conditioning system with a SEER rating of less that 8, it may be worthwhile to consider replacing with a more energy efficient system. You should be able to recoup the investment in just a few years.

Here are 6energy saving tips:

  1. Install a programmable thermostat so that you can vary the temperature according to your schedule. If you home, you should have it set to 76-78 degrees. When out and about, then set it to 82-85 degrees.
  2. Perform regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit. Replace the filter every month during the cooling season.
  3. Have a professional service your system at the beginning of each cooling season.
  4. Make sure your air conditioner unit is plenty of room to dispose the heated air it removes from your home.
  5. Close drapes on the sunny side of the house to keep the heat out.
  6. Turn off lights when not in use, as traditional lights produce heat. Look to replace them with LED lights that are low energy users and produce little heat.

These are just 6 simple tips that will help you reduce your energy costs during the cooling season. Watch for next month’s blog as we’ll talk about several more energy saving ideas.