Michigan’s 2014 HVAC Rebate Programs for Southeastern Homeowners

Michigan utility company’s offer homeowners several incentives to install energy efficient HVAC equipment that reduce energy loss throughout the year. These company’s support the installation of energy efficient HVAC equipment through substantial rebates. Below are some examples of the rebates being offered in Southeastern Michigan.

The DTE Energy (Gas) – Residential Energy Efficiency Program offers […]

Protecting your heating unit and water heater from flood water

We’ve experienced a lot of rain fall lately which has unfortunately caused many basements to be flooded. There is no question that flood water is very damaging to your home and its components. Not surprisingly, if your furnace or water heater gets flooded, it will probably cease to function. This can lead to very high repair […]

7 Benefits of a Digital Programmable Thermostat in Metro Detroit

In today’s world a digital thermostat is superior to an analog thermostat not only for health and safety, but also for energy conservation along with a financial savings.

An Analog thermostat contains some amount of Mercury, which is known as a health and safety issue.
No moving parts in a digital thermostat, so need to calibrate it.
A digital thermostat will also […]

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6 Energy Saving Tips During The Summer

With the summer heat here, we’re running our Air Conditioning system to keep cool. Did you know that a cooling system is one of the biggest users of energy in your with your heating system 2nd? If you have an old air conditioning system with a SEER rating of less that 8, it may […]

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Getting your Air Conditioning Service so your ready for summer in Metro Detroit

Spring is finally here and summer is right around the corner! Which is why we recommend now is good time to get your air conditioning condenser and coil prepared for summer. Even if you’re using local movers kansas city to move to a new place, it is essential to get your air-conditioned checked there too. […]

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